About Us

Bixter.work is an international recruitment firm with 13 years of experience and offices in several countries. The main offices are situated in Bjert, Denmark, close to the city of Kolding. We work from a new and modern office space by the sea, where we never run out of coffee. We engage in delivering manpower to businesses across borders, and matching employers and employees. The employer can simply give us a call or mail, whenever a new worker is needed. From the requirements of the employer, we will find the most qualified worker, and make sure that he or she will be at location for their first day of work.

“Years ago, I had a vision of creating a company that would connect employers and job seekers on easy to use platform. My main goal was to help the process of finding the workers for employers and finding the jobs for job seekers as easy and as affordable as possible. Bixter is the product of that vision.”

Our Team
Bettina J.
Head of Sales Department
Jonna Ch.
Senior Finance Manager
Marina D.
HR Manager
Janos M.
Project Coordinator
Darina S.
Service Consultant, Ukraine
Iryna S.
Online Service Consultant, Ukraine