Bixter is a truly global company

7 different languages are spoken everyday at Bixter office!

Bixter’s real advantage and asset as a partner for employers is our vast and expansive network consisting of partners and universities.

Partners to Bixter

Over 15 years on the market, we have grown our global network to over 27 partners worldwide today, shown on the map.

Our network is constantly expanding and we are adding new partners every month, which gives us the advantage of large candidate databases, which means our clients have access to a variety of candidates fitting for their specific placement and they can narrow their choices down to small details that matter most for the employer.

One of our goals for 2023-25 is to acquire partnerships in 50 world countries, and receive a steady flow of

placements per year

If you would like to find out more about our Partners, you are welcome to click here.


The strengths of the Bixter candidates are their:

All of Bixter candidates are dedicated to their work, but there are a few cultural differences that employers should be aware of, for example

All these nationality-specific traits are unique, and of course differ from candidate to candidate, at the same time our employers can always find out more about any additional peculiarities that unite Bixter nationalities, while speaking with their local sales representatives.


Bixter guarantees qualified candidates for traineeship/work positions, which is why we cooperate with universities to spread awareness of Bixter program opportunities directly to students and inform them of the possibilities to acquire hands-on experience during and right after their studies.

Our Partners help to process our candidates prior to us finding matches with our employers placements. You can find out more about the role of our Partners in Bixter recruitment process by clicking here.

Bixter cooperates with 10+ universities with agricultural and hospitality faculties, such as: