Sales Conditions

The terms of sales apply to the services of unless waived by written agreement.

Before all else:                        

Thank you for your trust in to provide an intern/employee(s) to you. We always strive to create value to you and your company.

When receives an order for a recruitment, we use many resources on finding the right intern/employee for you. incurs several expenses associated with finding interns/employees. There are salaries, payments to partners, marketing, and offices in other countries. We will not be able to find interns/employees for you, if does not cover these expenses.

Even though might already have an intern/employee ready to start when you contact us, this does not mean that it has been without expenses for to acquire the contact to the intern/employee. This expense must be covered by the recruitment fee paid by you.

When you ask to recruit an intern/employee, we additionally prepare contracts, route plans etc. immediately. This is done to ensure that the new intern/employee is no longer looking for a job by oneself.

The intern/employee has often incurred several expenses in advance, e.g., airfare, Corona test and visa fee payment. can therefore not refund the recruitment fee or credit your bill, if you anyway did not need the intern/employee we have recruited for you. This can also not happen in the possible incident that the government changes travel restrictions, if a plane is cancelled and the intern/employee is delayed, or other unforeseen changes occur in the plans.

You only pay to recruit an intern/employee. This is the service we charge our recruitment fee for.

Additionally, offers help in doing the paperwork, making contracts, route plans, preparing the intern/employee for working and living in their host country, while taking care of any applications and registrations at the recruitment and integration institution of the country, to when the intern/employee arrives in the country.

These services – which has nothing to do with recruitment – are merely extra services. You can therefore not demand your money fully or partially returned due to e.g., fault or defect in a contract or because trains- and bus-schedules did not work out, and your intern/employee must be picked up a little further away.

However, offers – in most cases – to recruit another intern/employee free of charge, if for one reason or another it was not the right match in the first place. This means, that you and your new intern/employee must figure out in the first 30 days, whether you wish to proceed the collaboration in the future.

This starting point for our cooperation with you entails the following rules, which apply to our processes:

The step by step-process:

  • The recruitment is ordered by telephone and orally confirmed, or by e-mail to Orders can also be placed via e-mail [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected] in which case, we written confirmation will be sent via the same e-mail. We will immediately start finding the right candidate for the job if we do not already have a candidate. Our candidates are recruited through partners, around the world as well through online marketing. Our skilled employees have a lot of experience in finding the right candidates via social media or via their network.
  • presents you for one or more candidates.
  • sends you a CV for the trainee/employee(s). The CV which is the property of the trainee/employee/, is confidential and may not be handed over to third parties.
  • Once you have agreed to an intern/employee, immediately starts work on making the contracts (one for the intern/employee and one for you), make travel and route plans, prepare documents, corona test, optionally biometrics/fingerprints, book time for registration of the trainee/EU employees, as well as any application with the local immigration and recruiting institution. We furthermore prepare the intern/employee on living and working in the host country, and as well on their neighbourhood they will be living in.
  • has free customer support for your new intern/employee, which means that we can take care of many questions, for instance concerning taxes, deductions, residence permits, practical issues, etc.
  • informs you as an employer about the entry by plane or any sort of transport of your trainee/employee. We always strive to get your new intern/employee to arrive as close to your location as possible e.g., to the nearest train station/bus station, where you can pick up the intern/employee.
  • The services of are not subject to the rights of withdrawal under the law on services and trade between traders. We start our work immediately at the order.
  • The recruitment fee charged by is earned by when ordering the recruitment service and is invoiced at the same time of the order.
  • The recruitment fee is due for payment no later than 30 days after the billing date. In the event of overdue payment, interest will be charged at 2 % per current month, as well as compound interests until payment is made.
  • in turn provides a guarantee, that we will not complete our work for you, until you are happy with your recruitment. The guarantee means that during the first 30 days from the trainee’s/employee’s start, we offer free recruitment of one – and only one – new trainee/employee, if it turns out that it was not the right match in the first place. You and your new intern/employee must therefore in the first 30 days figure out, whether you wish a future collaboration. The guarantee will lapse at the expiration of the 30thday.
  • However, the guarantee of does not apply in full to trainees and to employment contracts, with employees from a third world country. Interns and employees from third world countries are covered by visa rules when entering Denmark. Therefore, payment of fees will be charged by the local immigration and recruitment institutions, at any new recruitment of this type of employee.
  • guarantee demands that you as an employer within the guarantee period make proper accommodation/residence conditions, available for the intern/employee. Whether the accommodation/ residence conditions are proper, is decided solely by This means that if the intern/employee terminates the terms of employment because of poor accommodation, you as the employer are not sure of being able to use the guarantee.
  • guarantee demands that you as an employer within the guarantee period inform us, on whether you would like to make use of the guarantee and want to recruit a new trainee/employee.
  • The recruitment and other services provided by in connection with the customer relationship with you, are associated with many expenses, which is why does not – in addition to the mentioned guarantee – provide any kind of right of return.
  • is not responsible for the salary and working conditions you agree with the intern/employee. You must report the social security number of the trainee/employee to for the purpose of issuing a tax card, and you are made aware that the trainee/employee may not start working at you, until the work permit of the intern/employee has been issued.
  • carries no responsibility – outside of the mentioned guarantee – for any delays in the connection with recruitment, issuance of residence permits, issuance of tax card, the accession, attendance, and start-up of the terms of employment.
  • carries no responsibility – outside of the mentioned guarantee – for any deficiencies of the recruited intern/employee, including but is not limited to, his or her potential illness, inability to work or ability to understand and perform the tasks imposed on the trainee/employee.
  • carries no responsibility – outside of the mentioned guarantee – for force majeure or force majeure-like conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, natural disasters, freezing conditions, floods, fires, earthquakes, explosions, accidents, epidemics, pandemics, and/or disease outbreaks, strikes, lockout or other labour disputes, bans, war, terrorism, inadequate supply or service from subtractors , lack of transport options, delayed or defective delivery due to freight forwarder, export legislation, or restrictions on energy consumption.
  • carries no responsibility – outside of the mentioned guarantee – for interns or employees that start their work before the residence permit is valid. There must be an official residence permit from the local immigration and recruitment institution before an intern or employee begins work, just as a new application must be made if an intern or employee changes from an internship to a permanent position. This also applies when changing internship or place of work. It is strongly emphasized that trainees/employees are covered by these rules and may NOT work until permission has been granted by the local recruitment and immigration institutions. If they do, the trainee/employee and employer a fine. In this connection, we refer to the local institutions.
  • Any guarantee or compensation paid by may never exceed the recruitment benefit invoiced by
  • Danish law applies to the customer relationship between and you, and any disputes must be settled by the Court of Aarhus as a venue.


Version 1.09 of 4th of May 2022.