We have received a lot of questions throughout our 15-year recruitment experience, and we have gathered answers to them for you here.

Bixter cooperates with more than 27 world countries. On top of that we have a large EU database, allowing us to provide you the best suited candidates. You can find out more about the nationalities we are actively cooperating with, and choose your preferences with a local Bixter sales manager.

In Denmark for horticulture and livestock, it is mandatory for candidate’s to pass an English test, at least level A2, which means basic conversational. This is an immigration service requirement. 

Other countries’ immigration services do not require such a test, however, Bixter screens every single candidate, and we check to make sure that the English level for our candidates is at least Basic.

Bixter candidates fall into 3 main categories:

  • Non-EU trainees
  • Skilled non-EU workers
  • EU workers

Our candidate’s availability for specific sectors depends on a host country. Non-EU trainees are current students and graduates. Majority of current students have little to no on-job experience, and are willing to commit and learn how their knowledge can be utilized best to help you. At the same time, the majority if not all of our graduates have at least 1 year experience (in some cases, if holding a master’s degree, they have at least 6 months of experience). 

Additionally, all of our seasonal workers have at least one season experience.

Skilled non-EU workers means that candidates have graduated within the respective field, and acquired at least 1 year official experience.  

Allowances and salaries depend on the country and sector. However, allowances paid to trainees are equal to local minimum wages for example in Denmark, while worker salaries are to be determined by you and agreed with the skilled worker. 

Expected salaries lists according to sector you can find in Why choose Bixter?

It is expected of Bixter employers to either provide comfortable accommodation for Bixter trainees. In most host countries it is a law that candidates pay rent out of their own pocket. Rent varies from country to country between 100-350 EUR/month.
In the Netherlands, candidates pay no rent.

Insurance terms vary depending on the country. For example in Germany, health insurance is paid by the employer. In Denmark there is free health insurance. The candidate is responsible for acquiring their own life insurance. You can find out more about the insurance terms and recommendations from your local Bixter sales manager.

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