Practical information
When hiring agricultural trainees

We take care of the paperwork, embassy and immigration service, arrange arrival and help the trainees with entry and transport.
We are ready to help and provide customer service for a period of 12 months for both farmer and trainee.

As a farmer you must ensure:

  • Some interns come directly by bus to the address, others come by plane and have to be picked up at the airport.
  • Housing for the trainee, for which they of course pay rent.
  • A visit to the citizen service at your local municipality. We will provide you with more detail about this.
  • Possible help to set up a bank account, if the trainee needs help with this.
When hiring EU staff

We will help the employee to arrange transport to your country. We prepare a proposal for an employment contract. It is optional whether you want to use ours or your own. When it’s time to register with the state administration, we pick up the employee at the train station in the city in question and get him/her registered correctly.

You will have a one-month trial period for all EU employees, so if the chemistry or qualifications are not as expected, we will help you find another match.

When hiring seasonal employees

The employee will be hired by you, but we take care of the recruitment and agreement on salary etc. according to your terms. We have a number of skilled seasonal employees who are looking for working with anything from pigs, cattle, mink and poultry to sorting, gardening, machine driving and crafts. Seasonal employees are usually hired from 1-3 months. But please call us to make an agreement that suits your needs.

Call us for an informal talk on +45 71 74 75 04