Why Bixter?

We have 15 years of experience

At Bixter, we have more than 15 years of experience and know-how, with recruitment of foreign labor for horticulture in Denmark.

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Leading in the industry

Bixter is a leading recruitment agency for foreign labor. We recruit english-speaking staff worldwide.

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100% satisfaction guarantee

We are experts in recruiting foreign labor. We match your company with the right profile. Let go of all the hassle.

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We have job seekers from all over the world

Bixter recruits labour from approximately 20 countries worldwide. All potential graduates are English-speaking, and typically have a background in the industry in the form of relevant education.

You also have the option of hiring an intern for a 12-month internship. During the internship period the salary is DKK 11,444 per month.

Full customer service

We provide 12 months of customer service for both you and your employee, or as long as the terms of employment is valid.

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Easy access to new employees

We will find your employee based on your wishes. You determine start-up, salary, qualifications and terms.

We have a large database of EU employees who are ready to start working within a short time frame. 

We also cooperate with agricultural educations in over 20 different countries with the purpose of recruiting students for a 12-month internship.

A contract is made for 12 months at a time, unless it is seasonal employees. You are welcome to extend the contract with your employee after the 12 months.

We take care of all the paperwork

Bixter.work is responsible for everything from employee registration, documentation, VISA process, etc., until the employee has arrived in the country!

Bixter recruits interns from about 20 countries worldwide. All interns typically have a background in the industry in the form of a relevant education.

You have the opportunity to hire an intern for a 12-month internship. During the internship, the monthly salary starts at DKK 11,444.

Once you have chosen your employee, we will take care of the paperwork.

We apply for the employee at the Immigration Service, arrange tax card applications and when the employee has received the residence permit, we will coordinate the further information with you. We will also email you a proposal for an employment contract.

You are welcome to use our contract, but feel free to make your own based on an agreement for instance.