Why Bixter?

We recruit workers from over 20 countries. Our agricultural trainees are from e.g. Ukraine, India, Uganda, Vietnam, The Philippines, Kosovo, Albania, Kyrgyzstan etc.

Our trainees study at an agricultural education in their country of origin, and many also have been a trainee in their home country.

The trainees can be work in Denmark for 12 months. 

During the training period, the wage of the trainee is :
First 6 months: Approx. 11,444 DKK per month.
Next 6 months (if under 25): Approx. 13,275 DKK per month.
Next 6 months (if over 25): Approx. 15,370 DKK per month.

We also recruit workers from the EU, both with and without work experience. You can decide for yourself how much you want to pay a worker, if they are from the EU. We recruit according to your needs.

Recruitment has never been easier. We will find your employee according to your wishes. You decide the start date, level of pay, qualifications and terms of employment. A 12-month contract of employment is used, unless the worker is employed as a seasonal worker. You are free to extend the contract with the employee after 12 months, without our involvement.

When you have chosen a worker, we will do the paperwork. We send an application to the immigration services, on behalf of the worker. Once the worker has obtained a residence permit, and received their civil registration number (CPR), and we will file their taxes. You will also receive a draft of an employment contract per e-mail from us. You are free to use either our contract or your own.

We provide 12 months of customer service to both you and your employee.

Advantages of Bixter
Large database of the workforce from different countries
Choices between trainees, unskilled, skilled or seasonal workers
Constantly updated database
Selection of new employees according to your criteria
The ability to choose a worker by yourself or receive CV's from Bixter
Full support before and after employment
Simple and intuitive design