Recruitment in Nutshell

We believe all of us asked themselves these questions at least once- what is recruitment ? What are the challenges that recruitment industry must face ? What does recruitment do for me ?

To find appropriate answers, we must start from the beginning, shall we ? 


Term recruitment describes the process of finding, screening, hiring and eventually onboarding qualified job candidates. Sound simple right? However, if we go much deeper into the topic, we can find more structured procedures that have to be done or taken into consideration to make the whole recruitment process as smooth and workable as possible. People are completely clueless regarding the amount of time and commitment this business provides. Let us try to picture that.  As a person responsible for the recruitment process you will spend a lot of time do find perfect candidate. The more complex job position you receive, the more time and commitment you must give in, which includes extra time as well. Now let us try to imagine that we have more than one person to recruit for more advanced positions. Can you imagine selecting so much information, arranging interviews and passing all hiring processes? Sounds a bit overwhelming right ? From the other hand let us think about applicants’ side of this journey. They put their believes and trust into the recruitment business. They hope for good advice and reasonable solutions with a short awaiting time. Here we get a very triggering component called expectations – and they are completely right to have them. However, these expectations must be based on relation that is fair for both sides. Therefore, we need to mention one key factor that can be a game changer for both sides- mutual respect and engagement. Recruitment is not only a service but also a partnership and an exchange of favours. Recruiters gain loyal clients that are satisfied with selection results from the recruitment processes. Applicants are obtaining job positions that fulfill their financial expectations, match their qualifications level, and provide exceptional work conditions. Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it ? However, if we do not respect each side, the real problems can arise. I believe no one would like to feel mislead nor cheated That’s why there is a huge need of rising the awareness of human resources type of jobs. Working with people can be extremely challenging. Human nature is unpredictable and can differ with many obstacles from cultural or religious sources. Respect is a key. Professionalism is a key. Commitment is a key. 



We could continue with more and more factors, but you got my point. 


However, this is not the only problem in the recruitment world. It is more complex than just doing so called *paperwork`. Let’s discuss it on another level- international level. Recruiting people from the same country we can name an entry level, but have you ever thought how big of a challenge is to make it with overseas workers ? It is another level of knowledge, commitment, and precision. Finding reliable partners with the same devotion and ambitious like yours. Countless time devoted for mastering all the programs and immigration services procedures. Professionalism and assurance that all your actions will bring the desired effect. The pressure of not letting your customers and applicants down. Do not make me start with governmental changes from time to time or unexpected worldwide crises such as wars or global pandemics. It can be hard; It can be really challenging. It can look impossible, however with the right people that are expertise in this subject (let me be cliche here) it is possible. Recruitment is much more than you think it is:

Recruitment is a future of right employment. 

Recruitment is your management solution. 

Recruitment is your business development possibility.


This industry belongs to motivated and devoted people. It is not always easy. It is not always colourful but here we are for you.

Bixter work was created with passion, commitment and urge for helping others since we are recruitment in nutshell.