5 benefits of choosing Bixter's recruitment

1. Ideal candidates

The candidates we can provide you are:

2. 15 years of experience in the industry

Bixter has been on the local and international market for over 15 years, and have placed over 10,000 trainees in total, while providing placements for over 2,000 trainees and EU-candidates annually, means we

3. Bixter handles all the paperwork

We organize all the documentation, communicate with the immigration services, embassies and other stakeholders to ensure a successful candidate application processing and arrival to your location.

4. Bixter provides 24/7 customer service

We are available to solve any arising issues all day, most days of the year.

5. Commitment to excellence

We began as the first company in Europe recruiting overseas student trainees to different European countries, and today we are the biggest traineeship recruiter in Europe. Our stellar track record and commitment to meeting our customers, trainees and other stakeholder needs has.

Bixter service fee

Our fees are influenced by various factors such as

The one-time payment of the Bixter service fee, varies according to country and sector.

If you would like to inquire more about the Bixter fees in accordance with sectors, you are welcome to reach out to your local Bixter sales manager here.

Allowances for trainees across sectors

Allowances and salaries vary across sectors and countries, and are subject to change according to local country regulations. Below you can find examples of estimated allowances for trainees in different sectors. If you would like to find out more about skilled worker salaries and the most up to date allowances, you are welcome to reach out to your local Bixter sales manager here. (link to contacts page) All figures shown are before taxes.

Sectors in
Estimated allowances
Livestock First 6 months:
11,697.68 DKK/month

Following period:
13,568 DKK/month (under 25 y.o.)
15,709.13 DKK/month (over 25 y.o)
Horticulture First 6 months:
2,676.41 DKK/week

Following period:
3,696.11 DKK/week
and a supplementary Saturday and
Sunday afternoons + public holidays
Hospitality First 12 months:

Other period from 12-18 month:
14,399.70 DKK/month
Sectors in
Estimated allowances
6-month contract 14,435.65 SEK/month + 12%
= 16,185.42 SEK/month
12-month contract
Sectors in
Estimated allowances
Seasonal work
142-153 NOK/hour

First 3 months:
129.40 NOK/hour

Next 3 months:
134.90 NOK/hour
Sectors in
Estimated allowances
Agriculture €12/hour
Hospitality €12/hour
Sectors in the Netherlands Estimated allowances
Livestock €1,680/month + 9%
= €1,820/month
Horticulture €1,300/month + 9%
= €1,400/month