Franchise offer

Bixter is scaling up, and we are looking to add franchisees to help with the scale up process.

What do you receive as a franchisee?

As a franchisee you receive:

  • An opportunity to run your own company, under the Bixter brand
  • A fully functional concept
  • Legal documentation package
  • Marketing materials package
  • Well thought through Operations Manual
  • Ongoing coaching
  • International colleagues
  • The chance to earn stable and sizable income


As a Bixter franchisee you are required to make a 
one-time investment of € 2,000, which can be paid in two ways:

  • As a one time transfer
  • Installment payments over 10 month period with no interest

Bixter takes on the administrative and coordinating role in the recruitment process, which includes matching the candidate with the traineeship/work placement, managing the documentational processes – traineeship/work agreements, visa applications etc., communicating with candidates during their arrival days.

Bixter Contact, handshake

The Bixter experience can be described in simple steps:

1. Candidates apply for Bixter programs, building a database of candidates to offer employers

2. Bixter processes the applications, and redirects these applications to respective partners of candidate’s countries

3. An employer makes an order

4. Bixter creates a traineeship/work placement

5. Bixter matches the best suited candidate with the traineeship/work placement

6. Bixter initiates and completes the administrative process for documentation – traineeship/work contracts, visa application etc.

7. The candidate arrives to the traineeship/work location, welcomed by the employer

8. The candidates successfully complete the traineeship/work contract, and continue their career, while the employers place another order for eithern an extension or a new candidate.

9. (back to step 1)

Bixter Concept

The Bixter concept began in 2007, when our founder and CEO, Nataliya Jørgensen, discovered a need for an affordable, stable and qualified workforce amongst Danish farmers. Since 2018, Bixter brand has been growing and developing across markets expanding to Norway, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and as of 2022 Canada, successfully completing over 2,000 placements in 2021.

Bixter concept is built on the connections between employers, candidates, partners, embassies, immigration services/authorities and other logistical players. With Bixter services candidates receive the opportunity to acquire paid professional on-job training, and further opportunities that come from it, for example some immigrate to EU countries to continue their careers and some return to their countries to open their own businesses.
With Bixter services employers receive affordable, stable, qualified workforce by paying a one-time service fee.

Bixter is looking to expand with Franchisees across Europe

in Germany

in Austria

Germany, German flag
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in Sweden

and in the Netherlands

Sweden, Swedish flag
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Your responsibilities as a Franchisee

Bixter franchisee is effectively becoming a Bixter Partner, for that reason the roles and responsibilities of a franchisee blend with Bixter concept owner and Bixter Partner. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Promotion of Bixter.Work concept
  • Initiating and closing orders
  • Managing databases, providing monthly reports to the main office
  • Participating in ongoing coaching
  • Communicating with trainees/employees after visa approval with regards to logistical issues
  • etc.