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At Bixter, we value each client and aspire to offer the best recruitment service based on an individual approach.

We are staying up to date with the current needs on the labor market and aspire to offer the most optimal and innovative solutions to help our clients’ businesses grow. With over 17 years of expertise and over 29 global agents, Bixter is supporting the successful development of over 2500 employers in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Holland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Iceland, Canada and others, by connecting them with educated, qualified and motivated employees and trainees.

We take pride in our approach to diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process, and we promote equal opportunities for all candidates. Our company culture is centered on teamwork, and we approach every challenge with a can-do attitude.

We maintain the highest level of quality, efficiency, and ethical standards in all aspects of the business.

In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to our clients, partners, and team members for their continued support and dedication to Bixter recruitment company. We are committed to continuing to provide international educated trainees, skilled and seasonal workers from the whole world, as well as exceptional recruitment services, contribute to the growth and development of the Nordics’ economy, and make a positive impact in the industries we support.

Nataliya Jørgensen

CEO & Founder of Bixter.Work

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