Recruitment in Nutshell

We believe all of us asked themselves these questions at least once- what is recruitment ? What are the challenges that recruitment industry must face ? What does recruitment do for me ? To find appropriate answers, we must start from the beginning, shall we ?   Term recruitment describes the process of finding, screening, hiring […]

Norwegian workforce market – 2022

Labour market situation in Norway is being controlled by two authorities. NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Authority) and Statistics Norway (SSB). NAV uses a standard which states that the number of fully unemployed includes everyone who applies for a NAV income-generating job and has not had an income-generating job in the last 2 weeks […]

German workforce market – agricultural sector, in 2022

Agriculture workers, pig farms, Norway

Germany remains the largest economy in the European Union (EU), and fourth largest in the world, after the USA, China and Japan. On top of that, Germany is the third largest exporter. While the main sectors of the German market remain automotive, chemicals and electronics, there are other sectors such as agricultural, hospitality who are […]