Stories from employers

At Bixter we pride ourselves on our pre-screening and selection process of our candidates. Our mission is to identify the best matches to specific employment placements and to deliver the highest quality of customer service. Employers are looking for top notch candidates, and they are selective about how these candidates are chosen. Employers are looking for

These skills are embedded within Bixter candidates and videos below show testimonies of our clients reviewing their experiences and sharing exactly why they chose to cooperate with us, and why they would recommend recruiting with us.

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Satisfied employers are one of our top priorities. Our list with employers expands on a monthly basis across the 6 countries we recruit for.
Today the Bixter employer database in Denmark alone consists of 4,000 employers which is a genuine testament to our customer-centric values.

Stories from employees

Bixter candidates are some of the most hard-working, dedicated, qualified helpers across sectors. Bixter trainees are filled with

They commit themselves to their training, while bringing the spark of joy to their employers, teammates and friends they make while on their traineeship. 
Bixter workers are armed with knowledge and experience bringing

… to all their work and experiences with employers across sectors.

Bixter is very proud of our candidates. Our candidates – trainees and workers, are our representatives and hope for a better future. In the videos below you can find out exactly how our bright candidates feel about their professional experiences, the personal opportunities, their social lives, their impressions and overall feel about the Bixter experience. Satisfied trainees is another top priority, and we encourage our trainees to reach out to us and communicate with regards to any matter at hand, whether encouraging or challenging.