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Animal Farm trainees

With over 15 years recruitment experience on the market, Bixter has developed a wide-ranging expertise and understanding of livestock sector needs in Germany, which is why we can offer candidates who are committed to their education, their work and overall excellence.

Dairy farmers, pig farmers, and other farmers

During a 12 months traineeship contract, or a work contract, Bixter candidates are qualified to perform a range of responsibilities, including, but not limited to:

We are receiving applications from job seekers all over the world everyday. Bixter prioritizes finding the right match for your job placement, with a candidate with the most suitable background. Furthermore, we cooperate with educational institutions in over 27 countries to ensure the highest quality of education and qualifications for a candidate’s successful employment.

Employer is responsible for either providing or arranging accommodation near the workplace.

The value of Animal Farm trainees

Bixter prioritizes client’s recruitment needs, and offers the most suitable solutions. The candidates we offer are:

Animal Farm trainees background


  • Age: 18-35y
  • Contract duration: 12 months
  • Working hours: 40/week
  • Allowance: 12 €/h
  • English level: at least basic conversational level
  • Education:relevant educational background for livestock, for example bachelor’s in Animal Sciences, Animal Husbandry, Zoology or other livestock related degree (holding H+ accreditation)
  • Experience: most graduates hold relevant experience from a relevant animal farm in home country or in other european country
  • Driving license: majority have at least B1 category

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