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EU-workers for all sectors - Denmark

Besides the core Bixter-sectors of agriculture, and hospitality, we also match students and EU workers with placements for different branches and sectors across the Danish market. These include:

We are everyday contacted by employers looking to reinforce their company with talented new employees.
Many of these companies are auto repair shops, who seeks a skilled mechanic, a car cleaner, or a car painter.
We also have a couple of transportation companies as our regular customers, who asks for a truck driver, for either day- or night-shifts, or goods delivery. 
Among the the greener part of the industries are those employers looking for assistance in gardening or landscaping. While we also have companies contacting us about window cleaning, and other jobs of similar kind.  

We prioritize finding the right match for your job placement, with a candidate with the most suitable background.

We can offer you a contract template, you are welcome to use your own, but you can leave the rest of the paperwork to us. We help arrange tax cards, we contact migration services to apply for residence permits, amongst other crucial documents for the candidate’s successful arrival to your business location.

15 years on the Danish market allows us to select the most dedicated and qualified candidates for your specific needs. Our non-EU trainees have the advantage of being bound to their place of traineeship/work, but their application can take up to a few months to process, for that reason, we can offer a large database with EU employees, who are ready to begin work in a short amount of time.

Candidates for other branches in Denmark

Bixter’s English-speaking candidates are qualified, passionate, talented and committed to their work.

We make sure your candidates arrive on time, by helping them plan their journey. Additionally, we are responsible for everything from employee registration, documentation, visa process, and some logistics. Furthermore, we offer 24/7 customer service to both our students and our employers.