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UK food industry consists of activities such as farming, food production, retailing and food services. As of 2022, local food production consists of around 9,000 businesses producing dairy,

cheese, meat processing and preserving and many other food production businesses. While the UK’s food industry is not sufficient enough to feed the country, the food production sector closes 55% of food consumption needs in the country. These findings suggest that there is a need for qualified workers, who can help maintain and expand the local food production supply. Bixter can provide an employment solution in the form of educated non-EU workers, qualified specifically for the work on food production sites.

With over 15 years recruitment experience on the market, Bixter has developed a wide-ranging expertise and understanding of food production sector needs, which is why we can offer candidates who are committed to their education, their work and overall excellence.

Dairy farmers, pig farmers, and other farmers

The employer is required to obtain a sponsorship license to hire employees from non-EU countries. The license will be valid for 4 years and enables the employer to issue certificates of sponsorship (CoS) for foreign workers that would be hired by him/her. Each CoS can be assigned to one worker for 1 year, with the possibility of extension. By assigning the CoS to a skilled worker, the sponsor might have to pay an additional immigration skills charge to the UKVI. The processing fees paid to the UKVI vary based on the size of the sponsor’s company: an employer can either be categorized as a small sponsor or large one. If at least 2 of the following criteria apply, the sponsor will be considered small:

During a 12-month work contract, Bixter candidates are qualified to perform a range of responsibilities, including, but not limited to:

At Bixter we receive candidate applications on a daily basis, and we prioritize matching employers with best fitting candidates according to employer’s recruitment criteria. At the same time, we engage our partners in an effort to receive more and more candidates to choose from for the employer. This allows us to establish long-term collaborations with all of the involved stakeholders.

As Non-EU workers require visas, it can take 2,5 – 3 months overall for candidates to start their work.

Employer is responsible for either providing or arranging accommodation near the workplace.

The value of Food Factory workers

An employers’ and workers’ satisfaction with the match is one of our top priorities. That is why we focus on the employer’s recruitment criteria when pre-screening potential candidates. Our English-speaking candidates are:

Seasonal horticulture workers’ background


  • Age: 18-40y
  • Contract duration: 12 months
  • Working hours: 40-44 hours/week (20 additional hours per month)
  • Salary: 25600£/year or 10.10£/h
  • English language skills: at least basic conversational level proven with an IELTS/KET test
  • Experience: at least one season in Norway, Israel, Japan, home country, etc.
  • Education: relevant food technology educational background, for example bachelor’s in Nutrition, Food Sciences, Food Production or other food technology related degree
  • Driving license: B1 category - if required

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