How to become a partner

A Bixter partnership is one of the keys to successful Bixter recruitment process completion.

Bixter partnership is characterized by a few step procedure

Partnership opportunity identification

Bixter is expanding globally thanks to the vast network of partnerships, clients and candidates. Establishing a partnership is a stepping stone to these gateways, and the partnership opportunity identification process can begin at any point. Some of the ways how Bixter initiates new partnerships are

These opportunity identifications tend to happen during in-person visits to respective countries as well, which later on is followed up via e-correspondence. Bixter’s dedicated partnership relations team reviews potential partners’ profiles and determines if the company/agency would be compatible with the Bixter mission.


Once our partnership team has reviewed the potential company’s/agency’s profile, we reach out to the potential partner with a partnership proposal and initiate the dialogue, enclosing Bixter profile, what’s the benefit of collaborating with Bixter amongst other relevant materials. If the initial correspondence has been successful Bixter team transitions into the follow up communication stage.

After the initial communication is completed, we correspond with the potential partners continuously, agreeing on conditions and responsibilities of the partnership. If the partnership communications have been successful, we proceed with the communication and close this stage by initiating the signing of the partnership agreement.

Signing of the partnership agreement

The signing of the partnership agreement is the stage where Bixter finalizes all of the conditions and signs the agreement to initiate the partner onboarding process.

Partner onboarding

The onboarding process includes continuous communication with regards to the responsibilities of each party involved, the initiation of responsibilities amongst other steps and procedures that would fully integrate our new partner into the Bixter value chain.

You can find out more about the types of partners we collaborate with by visiting our Bixter Global-page.

If you have questions about the Bixter partnership, visit the FAQs of Bixter partnerships