Livestock employees - Canada

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livestock employees, dairy farm, cow farmer, agriculture
As of June 2022, Bixter established a collaboration with a partner in Canada for the livestock sector. 

At the moment the Livestock program is open for skilled non-EU workers only, however we are actively pursuing new collaboration opportunities with our overseas partner and are looking to collaborate with Canadian employers in different agricultural sectors such as horticulture and expand the livestock sector to poultry, horse farms, sheep farms, fisheries.

One of Bixter’s top priorities is to ensure the most suitable candidate is matched with the employment placement. A Bixter advantage is the frequent additions of international job seekers to the candidate’s databases, ensuring the opportunity of making the best matches for your employment needs.

Livestock employees for cow and pig farms

After 15 years of recruiting for employers in Europe, Bixter has accumulated enough experience, knowledge and expertise in traineeship/work recruitment to guarantee the most suitable candidates for a variety of livestock farms. Our focus is on candidates with the most dedicated approach to their studies, work performance and experiences.

For you as their employer, the candidates for your new livestock employees are considered:

livestock employees, dairy farmer, dairy, cow, agriculture, trainee

If you are curious about the recruitment process, salaries, accommodation and other crucial aspects about recruiting with Bixter, you are welcome to visit the FAQs to find your answers.

Livestock candidates’ background for Canada

During the 2-year work contract, Bixter candidates are qualified to perform a range of responsibilities, which includes, but is not limited to:


  • Age: 18-45
  • English level: Mandatory conversational English test
  • Education: University bachelor’s degree for example in Veterinary, Animal Husbandry, Animal health and production, Zoo technology etc.
  • Experience: 1 year successfully finished Bixter traineeship OR specialized vocational training (3-year min.)
  • Driving license: All male candidates have driving license