Who are our partners?

Bixter has the goal that by year 2025 to have 

placements per year

This will be possible, thanks to our expanding network of partnerships. 

A Partner’s role in the recruitment process of Bixter

A partner is crucial for the Bixter experience.

Bixter’s strongest advantage and greatest asset is our candidates. Bixter receives hundreds of candidates. That’s an amount to which we need assistance from our local country partners, to ensure the quality of the candidates. For instance, for checking their educational background, their criminal records, help them with plane tickets and travel insurance, and in many other aspects.

Bixter cooperates with partners representing:

A Bixter partnership means that both Bixter and the Partner are fulfilling supplementary responsibilities across the recruitment process.

Bixter’s responsibilities include:

Partner's responsibilities:

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What’s the benefit of becoming a Bixter Partner?

… and these are only some of the benefits you receive as a Bixter Partner

A major contribution of both Bixter and Partners is the development and support of the agricultural, food technology, hospitality and other sectors we operate in.
If you would like to find out more about what are Partner’s and Bixter’s responsibilities during the partnership or how a partner receives support from us, or any other unanswered question, you are welcome to visit the
Bixter partnerships FAQs