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EU workers

Bixter.Work is contacted everyday by employers looking to reinforce their company with talented new employees. Often new employees are difficult to be found near the business location area and are needed to start the job ASAP, here Bixter.Work solution in the form of employees from EU countries, who don’t need to obtain work and residence permit prior to start of their employment, can solve the problem.

Many of Bixter.Work clients are auto repair shops, who seek a skilled mechanic, a car cleaner, or a car painter; transportation companies in need for a truck driver, for either day- or night-shifts, or goods delivery; agricultural farms; cleaning companies; among the greener part of the industries are those employers looking for assistance in gardening or landscaping; companies in need of window cleaners, and other.  

EU workers we provide are coming from Poland, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, etc.

Bixter.Work prioritizes finding the right match for your job placement, with a candidate with the most suitable background.

Bixter.Work provides candidates for:

Besides the core Bixter-sectors of agriculture, and hospitality, we also match EU workers with placements for different branches and sectors across the Danish market. These include:

  • Animal Farms
  • Auto mechanics
  • Truck drivers
  • Car cleaning
  • Car painting
  • Goods delivery
  • Landscaping
  • Gardening
  • Window cleaning
  • Hospitality: cooks, waiters, kitchen helpers, dishwashers, etc.
  • Construction workers
  • etc.


  • Candidates with fast arrival according to your needs
  • Candidates with relevant solid knowledge or work experience according to your recruitment criteria and salary range
  • Candidates who are fit and able to perform manual labor for hours.
  • Bixter’s customer support for the whole period of contract with employees. 

Employees typically work 37 hours per week, with a possibility to take overtime working hours.

In order to host EU employees, adequate living conditions need to be provided by employers for a monthly rent. The rent needs to be affordable for the employees, as they will be paying it from their monthly salary.

Here is a list of requirements that need to be fulfilled: 

  • Single room (in rare cases interns can be placed together in one room)
  • Furnished room with a sleeping bed, closet, chair, table, appropriate lighting 
  • Toilet and shower facilities
  • Access to cooking facilities and a fridge
  • Access to washing machine 
  • The living facilities should respect the safety regulations 
  • The accommodation should be located close to the internship place(in case no car is provided)
  • Bixter HR team looks for suitable candidates, prescreens their resumes and previous work experience, conducts interviews and ensures arrival on time
  • Our candidates are constantly recommending us to their friends who are motivated to get job in Denmark


At Bixter, we understand how complicated and time consuming the recruitment and registration process of foreign employees can get. This is why our professional team will be glad to assist you at every step of this way. Prior to an employee’s arrival to Denmark, our offices take care of the majority of their issues, including travel arrangements and sharing important information about registration procedures.

  • Bixter collects databases of workers from EU countries, who have solid recommendations from their previous jobs and possess necessary qualifications


  • Bixter carefully reviews and interviews prospective employees, ensuring they meet the qualifications required for the program. 


  • As a reliable partner, Bixter provides detailed guidance on the employment conditions to employees to ensure smooth and successful experience.


  • We take care of the registration procedure in Denmark upon arrival of the employee  – one less thing for the employer to worry about and more time to focus on the important activities of the establishment.


  • Our expert team is available to provide assistance and address any concerns that may arise during the employment period. This ensures a smooth and successful working relationship between the employer and the worker, which leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction
  • At the end of the program, we’ll send employers evaluation forms soliciting feedback on the placement and the assistance provided by Bixter as we are constantly trying to improve our services

Bixter makes it safer for the employer by 1-month of guarantee, within the replacement of the worker from EU countries is possible out of charge in case of mismatch with previously agreed recruitment criteria, low performance of employee or misuse of drugs/alcohol by employee.

At Bixter, we recognize that hosting an international worker offers an exceptional opportunity for cultural exchange. It also requires that employment rules and regulations in Denmark are respected by both parties. 

  • Providing/finding accommodation for the employee for affordable monthly rent (paid by employee), ~ 250 – 300 euros/month.
  • Offering a salary
  • Overtime working hours payment according to employment rules and regulations in Denmark
  • Picking up the employee from the nearest bus/train station upon arrival if needed
  • Making sure that candidates will be registered in Denmark after arrival 
  • To ensure a successful hosting experience. 

At Bixter, we know how important it is to focus on the most important processes of the business. This is why we are ready to take over the recruitment processes, while the employer can focus on other important activities and grow their businesses.


Here is a breakdown of the operations that Bixter is managing for employers:

– recruitment and pre screening of applicants according to criteria of the employer, 

– sharing important information about the tasks and responsibilities assigned to the employee to make sure he/she has realistic expectations,

– conducting required paperwork for employment of EU workers, as well as application for tax card

– managing arrival of workers, sharing information on the registration process – for a smooth integration process 

– providing support for both employer and EU worker within the validity of the contract.

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