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Hospitality workers - Denmark

Types of candidates we offer

Bixter prioritizes to meet the placement needs of the employer, which means we select and offer only the most excellent candidates. Our English-speaking candidates are dedicated, qualified, talented and passionate about their work.

We recruit from over 27 partnering world countries. Our university collaborations allow us to select the most competent and willing to expand their knowledge. On top of that, we also have large databases of EU employees.

Recruiting hospitality workers for the industry

The hospitality sector is an industry with companies of various kinds that share the interest in the host-guest relationship. We have provided hospitality workers for a wide range of employers in Denmark, through the years. These include:







The hospitality candidates are

We ensure the most suitable candidates, for your specific needs, by carefully screening through our candidate pool. Furthermore, our candidate databases receive an influx of applications everyday, which gives us the opportunity to make the best candidate matches with traineeship/work positions.

Hospitality candidates' responsibilities

During the 12-18 months traineeships, Bixter candidates are qualified to perform a range of responsibilities, including, but not limited to:

15 years experience on the local market has taught Bixter exactly how to identify and meet our clients needs. Our wide-range expertise and understanding of the sector-specific needs, such as hospitality in Denmark, allows us to select candidates who approach their education and work with desire to achieve excellence.

Hospitality Candidates

  • Age: 18-30
  • English level: Basic Conversational
  • Education: College or University diplomas for example in Hotel Management, Hospitality Management, Gastronomy etc.